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The "Right" Time

Is a myth preventing you from accomplishing your goals?

Humans excel at many things: innovation, forming relationships, and communication, to name a few. One that also comes to mind is procrastination. As a species, we take an almost perverse pleasure in putting off tasks until the “right” time. Waiting until the “right” time allows a certain degree of safety and security – albeit false – that taking action does not. Because of this, most people prefer to wait until the “right” time as it is simply more comfortable to do nothing due to the perception of poor timing.

I have some good news and bad news.

The bad news: The “right” time doesn’t exist. The “right” time is a myth created and perpetuated by people who prefer to embrace the comfort of an excuse rather than push themselves into any action that may result in uneasiness or failure. Excuses are cheap, plentiful, and provide a false sense of relief when people want to avoid taking action or making decisions.

The good news: The vast majority of your competition has embraced the myth of the “right” time. They are paralyzed to the point of inaction as they wait for the ideal alignment of circumstances that will likely never exist. As a result, they won’t act on the necessary sales activities that drive business growth – things like prospecting, networking, or finding ways to work with a challenging client.

There is no “right” time to engage in sales activities – there is just now or never.

Successful people know that NOW is not only the “right” time; it’s the only time. People who struggle for sales growth always feel the “right” time is some unidentified point in the future.

So, is your “right” time now, or is it never?

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