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We could bore you with details about why you should hire us, but the odds that you would waste your time reading it are slim to none - and slim just left town. So, instead of penning a cadre of flowery prose in an attempt to persuade you to open up your wallet, let's just say we have one focus as it pertains to moving our clients' audience to action:


At the outset of each client engagement, we employ our proprietary C4 strategy to realize the greatest results imaginable:

  1. Classify - identify your target audience to ensure the highest ROI

  2. Connect - relate with your target audience so they trust you and your brand

  3. Captivate - engage your target audience where they live and on their terms 

  4. Convince - grow the confidence of your brand in the hearts and minds of your target audience to move them to action

To better explain our services, they are broken down into two categories: creative and strategic. The strategic menu of services are "off the shelf" solutions that are easily defined. Conversely, the creative menu are solutions that are a bit more customized and fluid.

Every agency likes to tell you they are different, and in some respects, they are correct. One area where brandivate proves our distinction in the marketplace is that we openly share pricing for our strategic services. That's right, an agency that brazenly displays pricing for you - and the competition - to see. Frankly, we think it's about time that the client is more in the driver's seat when it comes to understanding the true cost of marketing services.

So, we invite you to browse the menu below and let us know how we can help you - just click the "let's talk strategy" or "let's get creative" buttons at the bottom of the page.


We aren't for everyone, but we might just be for you.

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Sevices and Pricin

To find out which brandivate piece completes your puzzle,
simply click on one below.

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Market Analysis ($2,000.00)

  • Market subsection landscape

  • Competitive landscape

  • Buying trends

  • Identify ideal client

Marketing Audit ($1,500.00)

  • Review of current marketing spend with vendors

  • Go-forward recommendations

Social Media Account Graphics ($500.00)

  • Header and Icon for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, & commonsku

  • Two revisions

brandivate Content Sponsorships

  • Promo UPFront Podcast ($300.00/episode)

    • Sponsor read and beginning/end​

    • Logo on all graphics

    • Four episode minimum (non-consecutive)

  • brandivate beverage of the week ($200.00/week)

    • Sponsor mention/link on all social posting

    • Highlight supplied and decorated merchandise

    • Four week minimum (non-consecutive)

Email Marketing ($1,000.00/month)

  • Design including subject line, text, and call to action

  • Sent by brandivate using client supplied list twice a month

Print/Digital Brochure ($1,500.00)

  • 3 page, 2 sided

Product/Capabilities Flyer ($500.00)

  • Single page, 2 sided

Marketing Services
branding services


Logo Design ($4,000.00 - $8,000.00)

  • Logo and icon/avatar

  • tagline

  • Provided in .svg, .ai, .png, .jpeg, and .pdf 

  • Includes brand guidelines

    • Design, style, and tone​

    • Reflective of current brand voice

Press Release ($500.00)

Brand Guidelines Development ($2,000.00)

  • Design, style, and tone

  • Reflective of current brand voice

sales services


Compensation Plan Development ($1,500.00)

  • Designed to motivate sales staff

Industry Training ($1,500.00 per staff member)

  • Complete introduction to promotional products industry

  • Four-module, one week course

  • Interactive and workshop based

  • Attending staff over two will qualify for discount

SAGE/ESP Product Optimization ($1,000.00/month)

  • Keyword update

  • 40 products per month​

coaching services


Business Coaching ($1,000.00/month)

  • Weekly 30-minute meetings

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses

  • Full marketing and sales strategy audit

  • Strategic plan development

  • Six-month program

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Tradeshow Booth Design (as quoted)

  • Concept

  • Visual coordination of assets

  • Ensure consistency/coordination with marketing and sales strategies

  • Ensure alignment with brand voice

Marketing Strategy (as quoted)

  • Goal identification

  • Campaign development and deployment

  • Marketing audit

  • Ensure alignment with sales strategy

  • Promotion strategy 

  • Define ROI

Social Media Strategy (as quoted)

  • Goal identification

  • Define types of content

  • Define time and frequency of posting

  • Role assignment

  • Asset creation and deployment

Content Marketing Strategy (as quoted)

  • Goal identification

  • Alignment with audience

  • Content creation and deployment

    • Blogs​

    • Infographics

    • Testimonials

    • Case histories

    • Brand sharing

    • Whitepapers

    • Articles

Capabilities Deck/Presentation (as quoted)

  • Overview of your agency

  • Clarify and demonstrate connection

  • Establish your "why"

  • Share culture, approach, and expertise

  • Highlight you uniqueness 

  • Wow with relevant results and stories


Brand Strategy​ (as quoted)

  • Brand Audit

  • Mission/Vision Statement Creation

  • Brand Identity Creation

    • Brand Values​

    • Brand Voice/Personality

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Messaging

  • Ensure alignment with sales and marketing strategies

Rebranding (as quoted)

  • Market research 

  • Legal research

  • Mission and Values

  • Logo

  • Tagline

  • Colors

  • Typography

  • Brand guideline

  • Complete checklist to ensure smooth transition

Website Copy (as quoted)

  • Original verbiage to align with brand voice 

Website Development (as quoted)

  • Complete creation, deployment, and hosting

Brand Launch (as quoted)

  • All-inclusive designed to get your brand noticed


Sales Strategy (as quoted)

  • Lead generation

  • Customized sales approach

  • Specific roles within organizations to target

  • Building loyalty

  • Eliminating friction

  • Sales goals and metrics

  • Ensure alignment with marketing strategy

RFP Response (as quoted)

  • Cover letter

  • Executive summary

  • Deliverables and strategy

  • Telling of brand story (the "why")

  • Formatting

  • Coordination with client to ensure consistency


Market Entry Plan and Strategy (as quoted)

  • Complete industry and market research and analysis

  • Outline of barriers to entry

  • Sales force acquisition recommendations

  • Marketing strategy and plan

  • Mode of entry recommendation

  • Exploration of potential partners and/or joint ventures

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