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don't hire us

Most companies spend all the time and effort on their websites trying to convince you why you should do business with them. For the most part, we have done the same here at brandivate, with this page being the exception.


You see, we aren’t for everyone – no company is, despite what they may tell you. We know who we are and, even more, understand the type of clients where we can create the fastest and most positive impact. Unfortunately, this understanding also means we realize there are some clients that, well, aren’t for us: the ones who believe there's an easy button, who aren't ready to roll up their sleeves along side us, and those who aren't willing to use the tools we create for them. 

So, if any of the below apply to you, please don't hire us. 

Don't hire us
brandivate don't hire us #1

Happy with the status quo.

brandivate don't hire us #2

Resistant to new ideas.

brandivate don't hire us #3

Aren't interested in working together to create a partnership.

brandivate don't hire us #4

Don't believe laughter and fun should be part of the process.

brandivate don't hire us #5

Don't want to stand apart from the competition.

brandivate don't hire us #6

Aren't willing to invest in long, sustained growth.

However, if you’re ready to shift your view, stand out from the crowd, and grow your business by partnering with a creative, forward-thinking, and dynamic company, then brandivate is a perfect choice. To get started, click on the "let's talk" button below, and we will set up a time to talk that works for you.

We aren't for everyone, but we just might be right for you.

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