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Are You Not Satisfied?

Clients don't brag about being satisfied.

When I see a business tout that “Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal,” I know their prospects for future growth are minimal at best. This is because companies that target the mere satisfaction of a client have lost sight of the meaning of the word; they have forgotten that satisfaction is simply another word for acceptable.

Customers don’t brag to their friends and colleagues about being satisfied. Instead, they want to be surprised, delighted, thrilled, and even wowed. It’s little things like delivering merchandise early to an event, removing polybags from apparel so the client doesn’t have to, developing a packaging experience that creates wonder in your client’s target audience, or even writing hand-written thank you notes.

A “satisfied” customer may help maintain your business, but it is not an engine of growth, as people generally don’t share things that are merely acceptable. On the other hand, a client who is consistently wowed will share that experience with the world.

If you are not actively finding ways to habitually deliver amazement, joy, and inspiration to your audience, you are missing a critical component that will set you apart from your competition.

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