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brandivate beverage of the week #bbotw

There are few things that are more satisfying than a cold beverage to celebrate the accomplishments of the workweek. Every Friday at 3:30 PM CDT, a brandivate team member will share their beverage of the week! Looking for past beverages? click one of the black buttons below to check out the beverage archives!

January 21, 2022

It’s Friday and it’s cold and/or icy just about everywhere so it’s time for a brandivate beverage of the week that will keep you toasty and warm! This week, we are enjoying a smoked old fashioned – but not just any smoked old fashioned. No, we are using a smoking gun and a cloche to infuse natural smoke into the beverage itself.


After making the old fashioned with the stunningly delicious Piggy Back rye from Whistlepig, we put the cocktail in the cloche and fired up the smoking gun (using pecan wood chips) and filled the cloche with that gorgeous, intoxicating smoke. Then, we let it sit for two minutes as the drink and the smoke melded together to create a winter warmer unlike any other. Plus, pulling the lid off the cloche to allow that smoke to escape is pretty cool!


How are you smoking into the weekend? #bbotw

Smoked Old Fashioned

January 14, 2022


It's time for that coveted moment of your Friday afternoon, the brandivate beverage of the week! This week, we raise a tequila shot to PPAI, all the exhibitors, every attendee, and most of all to reconnecting with clients, friends, and partners - it was an unforgettable experience and we are already looking forward to 2023!


How are you recovering from Sin City as you begin your weekend? #bbotw

Tequila Shots in Vegas!

January 7, 2022


As we prepare to head out of the snow and to Las Vegas for PPAI Expo, we still take time to enjoy the brandivate beverage of the week! Today we are enjoying a hot, brewed cocktail from the good strongs over at Cask & Kettle. More specifically, we are keeping warm with Mexican Coffee that was freshly made in our Keurig.


This cocktail has an aromatic bouquet and nuanced combination of flavors to please any sophisticated palate. The smooth mouthfeel and light agave flavor of silver tequila combined with darker notes of roasted coffee and a whisper of Mexican chocolate at the finish just warms the soul on a snowy day. And, at a full 60 proof, this drink provides that right kick to keep you moving!


How are you warming into the weekend? #bbotw

Cask & Kettle Mexican Coffee