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Collaboration. Synergy. Partnership. 


At brandivate, we fervently believe those words have deep meaning - meaning that's far beyond marketing buzzwords. We seek to connect client goals to their overall brand voice because we truly understand that how a brand is presented is key to its perception. Below are examples of work we've been fortunate to do with - not for - our clients. Simply put, the work we produce is a direct result of a joint venture between the client and us, which is why we will always refer to work as "ours."

  • Our shared goals

  • Our combined passions

  • Our united vision

  • Our mutual results

We are very proud to partner with brands of every size, shape, and voice. Below are examples of the work we have done for suppliers in the promotional products industry.

J chuck.png

J.Charles, a wholesale manufacturer of high-end awards and employee recognition merchandise, engaged brandivate in January 2021 to drive brand awareness among their target audience. brandivate designed, developed, and executed a complete marketing campaign including strategy, messaging, content marketing, social media strategy and management, presentation development, infographics, flyers, and blog creation. A sample of our work is below.

Advertising Assets

Sample Blog Post

Untitled design (8).png

Recognition: Benefits for Your Business


There’s little doubt that employee recognition – especially when done both thoughtfully and intentionally – has an enormously positive impact on all involved. From a simple increase in productivity to retaining talent, there are seemingly countless studies that materially show how well employee recognition programs work for all involved. Even with all the irrefutable data, many employers overlook the need to recognize achievements in the workplace.

Employees who feel valued, appreciated, and recognized in the workplace think nothing of going the extra mile for the organization. According to a survey conducted by Socialcast, 69% of workers agree that they work harder when their efforts are appreciated. If you need even more supporting evidence, consider the following areas of impact:

Company Culture – While employees are the heart of any business enterprise, strong company culture is the soul. The soul is the amalgamation of the company’s vision, voice, goals, and purpose for achieving things on behalf of the collective. Honoring employee efforts in thoughtful ways soothes that company soul while paving the way for employee happiness. Remember, when employees are happy working, achieving success is almost inevitable.

Employee Advocacy – When it comes to attracting talent, there is no more practical vehicle than employees who advocate for their organization. Employees who are recognized for work achievements will share on social media platforms, which shares the company’s culture to a vast audience. Company exposure that is willingly consumed is a potent recruiting tool.

Increased Profits – Even as there is light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, profit shouldn’t be a four-letter word. Every organization strives to generate higher profits, or they wouldn’t be in business. Building and maintaining long-term growth largely depends on how employees both feel and perform at work. A recent study by SHRM found that recognition programs help companies increase their profit margin by a staggering 58%. The correlation between employee recognition and higher profits is undeniable.

Simply put, employees who feel that their efforts matter to their employer consistently outperform the employees who don’t. That performance equates to a more robust company culture, employees who become advocates, and increased profits for the organization. This is precisely why progressive organizations are increasingly looking to outside experts to help them look inward to ensure their employee recognition programs’ positive impact wash over the entire enterprise. At the same time, companies that ignore the benefits of a cohesive recognition program will be left behind.

May Flyer Glencarin - National Accounts Library.png

White Label Flyer

J.Charles Infographic - Final.png


August 2021 J.Charles Flyer.png

Company Flyer

Untitled design (4).png

Blue Generation, a wholesale manufacturer of fashion-forward apparel, engaged brandivate in October, 2021 to redefine their view in the marketplace. brandivate designed, developed, and executed a complete marketing campaign including strategy, messaging, social media, and content sponsorships. A sample of our work is below.

Avertising Assets

Untitled design (5).png

Shepenco, a manufacturing leader of writing instruments - especially pencils -  in the promotional products industry, hired brandivate in December 2021 to create and deliver a social media campaign that drive both awareness of the brand and preference for it in the marketplace. It was critical that their brand voice of irreverence was expressed throughout the campaign. brandivate developed and executed a targeted social media campaign to move their audience to action on all major social platforms. A sample of our work is below.

Avertising Assets

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