Complete Sales Services

In today’s saturated marketplace, a company must leverage their sales organization and sales strategy to gain a competitive advantage. Our services begin with assessing and/or designing your company’s overall sales blueprint, then helping organize and direct your sales force to execute that approach. brandivate assists with tactical methods of reinforcement to drive sales behavior and ensure that your sales force is positioned to succeed through post-sales support.

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  • Sales Strategy Development

    • Identify ideal client attributes​

    • Targeted and effective sales messaging

    • Ensure alignment with marketing strategy​​

  • Sales Force Organization

    • Structure​

    • Resource deployment

    • Compensation plans

  • Sales Strategy Execution

    • Performance management​

    • Creation of specific metrics and goals

  • Comprehensive Sales Training

    • Promo 101​

    • PromoMBA

  • Ongoing Professional Development

  • RFP Response and Delivery