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Will Construction Ever Be Finished?

A view of your most critical piece of digital real estate

From 1998 to 2003, I had the good fortune of living in New York City and surrounding areas. Even though it’s been almost twenty years since I called “the town so nice they named it twice” home, I still deeply love the area. There’s simply an energy in Manhattan that no other city can duplicate – and it’s an energy I miss more than I care to admit.

During our time in New York, we had many visitors, and there was always one universal complaint about getting around the city: the construction. For anyone who has lived, worked, or spent extended time in the Big Apple, you know that there is continual new construction and the renovation of old structures. Additionally, things seem to last forever due to the logistical challenges of constructing on a jam-packed island. When we lived there, I would always joke with our visitors that “New York will be a fantastic place if they ever finish it.” The truth is, it will never be “finished” in the traditional sense as the city is almost a living, breathing entity that’s continually evolving.

From a business perspective, a website shouldn’t be any different.

A website is as fluid as your brand: it shifts, morphs, and changes based on market conditions, client expectations, and overall business climate. That’s why website construction is never really “finished.”

Since brandivate was launched almost two years ago, our biggest challenge was simple: explaining to our audience exactly what we did so they could leverage our services to grow their respective businesses. We always knew this would be difficult to explain because we sell services, not physical products. When you’re selling ideas, concepts, and strategies, it can be challenging to grasp what one is truly “getting” by hiring you, which brings us back to websites.

Over the past five months, we’ve transformed the brandivate website behind the scenes. While some of the updates were aesthetic, most improvements were focused on flow, precise information, user experience, and transparency. It was essential for us to get this right because we know the brandivate website is our most critical piece of digital real estate.

  • The homepage has been updated to reflect who we are as an organization more accurately while answering the unspoken question of “what the hell do you do, anyway?”

  • The navigation has been enhanced to make it much easier for users to get where they want to go.

  • We added a “don’t hire us” page which seems counterintuitive. However, just like you, we have an ideal client - the one's we know we can help achieve wild success with - as well as prospects where we, frankly, don't fit. In other words, we know we aren't for everyone and are comfortable explaining why.

  • We added a “hire us” page where we (hopefully) do a better job of explaining the value we create for our clients.

  • On the “hire us” page, we broke down our services into “strategic” and “creative” to better illustrate the depth and breadth of what we do.

The “hire us” page was the most intricate update to both create and launch. While that may seem bizarre as that’s the section of the website that should help gain new clients, we made a bold decision to do something no creative agency does: we openly share our pricing for our strategic services.

For too long, agencies have leveraged their expertise to leverage inconsistent pricing in an effort to ensure that the clients with the deepest wallets paid the most. Frankly, we think that’s wrong, which is why you can now see our pricing for the strategic services we offer. We feel that showing our pricing for strategic services allows our audience to understand two things:

  1. Strategic services differ from creative services as they are specific and easily defined – things like content sponsorships, logo design, brand guidelines, and our business coaching program.

  2. Creative services differ from strategic services in that they are more fluid and customized – things like company rebranding, marketing and brand strategy creation, website development, and retainer-based creative services.

If you’re wondering if it’s a bit scary to share our pricing so openly, it is. However, we think it’s time that the client is more in control when it comes to understanding the cost of marketing services. However, pushing past fear is something we embrace which means the website is there for everyone to see and, possibly, judge.

Much like construction in New York City, the brandivate website will never truly be finished, and that’s how it should be. Our metaphorical cranes are constantly at work as we evolve with our audience and provide strategic and creative services that help our clients grow. We invite you to visit our website and, even further, welcome your feedback as it will help us be better.

As we often say, we aren’t right for everyone, but we just might be a perfect fit for you.

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