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Two Pirates Look at One Year

Thoughts on the first anniversary of brandivate

As a social construct, the concept of time is quite bizarre. There are spaces we find ourselves repetitively watching the clock feeling that time is dragging to the point of seemingly going in reverse. Yet there are other moments where when you’re occupied and enjoying the presence of good company, that hours turn into minutes. So as we celebrate our first full year in business here at brandivate, we find ourselves thinking a lot about time and how its value increases – or decreases – based on not only what you’re doing but also the people you do it with.

Any way you slice it – 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days, or 8,760 hours – one year is a significant milestone in any new business (and we’re not going to dwell on the fact we started at the height of the pandemic). But, as we reflect on what that really means, there are seemingly countless emotions that anyone who has launched a business will more than recognize, they will feel:

  • Passion for the mission, the work, the reason we did this in the first place

  • Fervent loyalty to the people who you work with and those who support you

  • Excitement when you realize that you’ve turned an idea into something real and tangible

  • Anticipation as you’re never genuinely content because you know the moment you feel at ease, you’re losing ground

  • Stress due to the responsibilities – financial and otherwise – to yourself, your partner, and the people who rely on you can be heavy

  • Unwavering trust in ourselves, the processes we put into place, and the overall vision we have for brandivate

Those emotions and feelings are honest – and they are experienced daily. This is why we choose to truly honor this anniversary because bold actions deserve to be celebrated. Over the past year, there have been peaks, valleys, and everything in between. Yet, through it all, we’ve always kept pushing forward because we knew we would make it work, and passing the one-year mark validates all the blood, sweat, and very real tears along the way.

This week, we’d love you to join us as we celebrate this first brandiversary because each of you is part of our journey. To commemorate the occasion, we thought we would memorialize this event through our content each day this week as it allows us to truly share the experience with you:

  • Monday (today): This blog

  • Tuesday: Episode 4 of the “What the Hell are We Doing?” podcast where we reflect on our journey…and try some weird food

  • Wednesday: Wondering Wednesday where we will share something very brandivate specific

  • Thursday: the weekly brandivate collaborative playlist where we will share some special songs that have inspired us in our journey

  • Friday: the one and only beverage of the week where we invite you to join us at 3:30 PM CDT on the brandivate Facebook page where we can raise a toast to all of you

This week, we want to share our time with you. As we enter year two of brandivate, we are having the times of our lives, and we see nothing but blue skies on the horizon. We couldn’t have done any of this without the support of our friends, families, our clients, and the industry as a whole. Thank you for allowing us to take this adventure and for constantly pushing us to be better. We won’t let you – or each other – down.

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