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The "Why" of Powerhouse Women of Promo

The reasoning behind this annual list

Last week my podcast partner, Kirby Hasseman, and I unveiled our annual list of “Powerhouse Women in Promo.” For the past six years, we’ve recorded and dropped this podcast to not only recognize, but celebrate the women who are setting trends, shaking things up, and pushing an entire industry forward. However, we get one question every year – and it’s one that’s never truly been answered:


Why do you make this list?


While this is the podcast that Kirby and I spend the most time on in terms of preparation, we feel it’s critically important to highlight the work that women are doing in what has traditionally been a male-dominated industry. Over the course of the past six years, it’s been our absolute honor to shine a spotlight on some pretty amazing women. Even better, watching them continue to lead all of us as an industry to places we never knew possible.


Below is the list of all the wonderful women Kirby and I named this year. However, I would encourage you to also listen to the podcast as it explains the why of each person and gives life to every selection that eclipses the list below. You can find the podcast by clicking here, by searching “brandivate” on your podcast platform of choice, or watching on YouTube by visiting the brandivate channel by clicking here.


Last, thank you to all these game-changing ladies who are all helping us reach new heights.


Distributor Woman to Watch

  • Laurie Bauer, iPromoteU

  • Alicia Rhodes, President of Actin Plus Ideas

  • Sarah Whitaker, Williams Advertising Agency

  • Taylor Borst, American Solutions for Business


Supplier Woman to Watch

  • Hillary Morris, Taco 'Bout Pins

  • Samantha Kates, Spector & Co.

  • Ashley Colautti, Spector & Co.

  • Erin Reilly, Pop! Promos

  • Stacy Stahl, Sweeter Cards


Service Provider Woman to Watch

  • Jamie Watson, Certified Marketing Consultants

  • Kerry Boderman, ASI

  • Jill Begun, PPAI

  • Kate Masewich, commonsku

  • Laurie Moore, PromoCorner


Woman on the Rise

  • Chelsea Williams, Spark Branded Solutions

  • Jill Albers, BDA

  • Katie Kahler, American Solutions for Business

  • Hillary Morris, Taco ‘Bout Pins


Janelle Nevins Memorial Woman Trailblazer

  • Susan Lewandowski, BEL Promo

  • Lisa Bibb, ED VAPPA & PPP Founder

  • Jenna Quaranta (JQ), HPG

  • Johanna Gottlieb, Genumark


Tee Hamilton Memorial Creative Woman

  • Renya Nelson, Brand+Aid

  • Melissa McCauley, Numo

  • Brittany Frase, Hirsch

  • Denise Taschereau, Fairware


Charity Gibson Social Media Woman of Distinction

  • Meg Erber, Proforma

  • Taylor Borst, American Solutions for Business

  • Brittany Godsey, Gold Bond

  • Natasha Rawls, MRL Group


Woman You’d Hire to Run Your Company

  • Kara Keister, Social Good Promotions

  • Ellen Tucker, PPAI

  • Amanda Clay, Walker-Clay

  • Susan Lewandowski, BEL Promo


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