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The Next Level

Why assuming a positive outcome is wrong.

Lately, it seems everyone is talking about getting to the “next level,” especially regarding sales pitches or business growth. Candidly, it’s a phrase I despise because it’s intentionally ambiguous because it trades on the fact that most people assume the “next level” is an upward advancement.

It’s been my experience that assuming things makes you something I won’t write out on this blog.

In any business venture, there are peaks and valleys. While there have been many times the “next level” has been some measure of growth or advancement for my company, there have been other times when that “next level” was a step (or more) backward. Next simply means what comes immediately after what is going on in the current moment. Our general assumption of that improvement allows people to get away with insisting whatever product or service they offer will get you to the “next level.”

Instead of telling prospects or clients that you will take them to the “next level” and moving along with your pitch, why not take the time to define not only how you will get them there but what EXACTLY the “next level” is? It could be a target number of clients, a measurably higher attendance at a trade show, an increased total of sales conversions over a period of time, or even lower employee attrition rates.

The bottom line is that if you don’t help your clients intentionally chart a course, the “next level” may very well be a step backward.

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