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Promo UPFront Podcast - Ep. 94

Environmentally friendly and platinum-level entertainment wouldn’t be possible without support from amazing companies like Shepenco. As summer approaches, don’t forget about patriotic pencils for community events, historical sites/museums, and candidates for local elections. Plus, use the code “SHEPENCO22” on your next order for free good or email Alex Moltz at for random samples!

On this Earth Day we celebrate dropping episode 94 of the carbon-neutral Promo UPFront Podcast with Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie. This week the knuckleheads of naming rights talk about mid-scale retail brands coming to promo, ponder selling naming rights to just about everything (and suggest some potential opportunities for Kirby), discuss whether the subscription model for media/entertainment has jumped the shark in light of the dramatic Netflix subscriber loss, share how they feel when people publicly announce they are leaving social media, and so much more!

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