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Promo UPFront Podcast - Ep. 206

A BIG thanks to our friends at Logo Mats for sponsoring today! They want to celebrate their appearance (#53 if you’re scoring at home) on the PPAI 100 by giving you 10% off on your next mat order. Simply use the code “Promo UPFront” on your next PO!

Oh yes, it’s time for Ep. 206 of the Promo UPFront #podcast! This week hosts Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie discuss how suppliers can better support the marketing efforts of multi-line reps, Apple’s ingeniously simple way to reduce burnout, talk about the lessons learned from Bill’s recent health scare and diagnosis, how entrepreneurs can plan a vacation where they can fully unplug, play a vacation-themed rapid fire, and so much more!

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