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Promo UPFront Podcast - Ep. 162

A BIG thanks to our friends at Evans for sponsoring this fine broadcast. When you’re looking to make your distributor life easier, head over to as the entire company ethos and culture is built around removing friction and making it easy to work with them.

It’s “back to podcast” time as we drop Ep. 162 of the Promo UPFront #podcast! This week co-hosts Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie debate if distributors should be concerned about suppliers raising prices, whether the investment in the United States by Canadian supplier Spector & Co. makes sense, how they each prepare to create consistent content, the delicious irony of Zoom (and other tech companies) “ordering” employees back to the office…and if that’s the right approach, the dramatic return of Bill’s Top Three/Bottom Three, and so much more!

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