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Promo UPFront Podcast - E89

Presented by Shepenco

for your FREE GOODS, use the code "SHEPENCO22" on your next order. Email Alex Moltz ( for all the details!

It’s Friday and time to drop episode 89 of the Promo UPFront Podcast with Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie on a few eager listeners. This week the Sultans of Shenzhen talk about the trend of consumer brand tattoos, ponder how the shutdown of both Shenzhen and Guangong will further stretch the supply chain, share a golden rule of client communication, opine on Dov Charney’s (LA Apparel) bankruptcy filing, and dig deep into Coca-Cola’s “Starlight” flavor and how it might damage their brand, and so much more!

HUGE thanks to our pals at Shepenco for sponsoring this fine podcast. Remember, if you use the code “SHEPENCO22” on your next order, you’ll receive FREE GOODS! For all the details, email our good friend Alex Moltz at!

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