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Promo UPFront Podcast - E56

Sponsored by PromoPulse and their AMP Email Service

Stop, drop, and roll – it’s time for episode 56 of the Promo UPFront podcast with Kirby Hasseman and Bill Petrie! This week the Sergeant’s of Strategic Foresight share the first things they would if they were taking over the job of CEO of PPAI, the new concept of a “business shower” to celebrate accomplishments, the importance of talking about mental health in the wake of Simone Biles pulling out of the Olympics, whether job titles matter or not, Kirby makes Bill squirm during the “Party in the Back,” section of the broadcast, and so much more!

HUGE thanks to our friends at PromoPulse and their amazing AMP email service for sponsoring this platinum-level broadcast!

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