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June 26, 2020 - Little Dreamer

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

It's Friday and time for the brandivate beverage of the week! This week we are (well, Bill is) enjoying a beer that we've waited for our entire life: Little Dreamer from Revolution Brewing in Chicago. Why have we waited for it our entire life? Because it's the first Van Halen can of beer in the history of brewing - that’s why! The beer is pretty good, but let's talk about that can! Look at the exquisite design, the immediately identifiable (and legendary) guitar, and the black beer can. At this point, we don't even care if the beer is good or not - that can is amazing! Okay, we actually DO care about the beer and it's surprisingly good. It's a crisp pilsner with just enough of a hoppy bite to let you know it has a little of that Van Halen attitude and a perfect way to end an amazing week.

How are you celebrating the end of a productive week? #bbotw

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