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I Don't Have a Job

And I never want one

I often get asked how I get so much done during a given week: client deliverables, sales, marketing, social media, meetings, and content creation take a lot of time. However, when I’m asked this question, I always have the same answer: I don’t have a job.

You see, my typical day working starts early; 6:00 AM early. That’s not necessarily a choice, but raising kids (who are now sophomores in college) will completely redefine what “sleeping in” means. In any event, by the time this blog is posted at 7:00 AM CT, I’ll have been working for about an hour and will have many hours ahead of me. Again, thankfully, I don’t have a job, so the amount of work needed to push brandivate forward isn’t daunting in the least bit.

I don’t have a job; I have a passion.

When you do anything you’re not passionately involved in, it’s a job. I don’t ever want a job – period. However, I do love working at things I’m passionate about: marketing, branding, delivering value for clients, coming up with creative ideas for Promocations, and the list goes on. When I have a client meeting, I think, “We’re going to collaborate on a new initiative to increase their reach and grow their sales! Fantastic!”

Yes, I really do get that excited working with my clients.

This mindset is how I accomplish more on a daily basis than I ever thought possible. Passion for what I do is why I don’t burn out. The fact that I don’t have a job allows my creativity to flow through client and internal initiatives alike.

I’ve had jobs before, but I’ve always found more joy, more success for myself and my clients, and more long-term happiness in working at my passion. While working within your passion is no guarantee of success, I can promise you’ll be more productive and experience less stress than working at a job.

Maybe it’s time to quit your job and start investing that time into your passion, as it will benefit you and your clients.

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