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Coaching is not about sharing "secrets" or "proven tricks". Rather, it's a combination of applying real-world and industry-specific strategies targeted at the unique needs of each client. The waters of the promotional products industry can be challenging to navigate. As companies seek to grow their businesses, many struggle with what activities to focus on to take them to the next level. brandivate is here to guide you on your journey.


The strategic coaching services are "off the shelf" solutions that are easily defined and where we openly share our pricing. Conversely, the creative solutions are a bit more customized and fluid which requires a bit more discussion to appropriately quote.

With decades of experience in both large and small promotional products enterprises, brandivate helps our clients cut through the generic industry speak to create a specific, targeted, measurable, and actionable plan for growth.

Market Entry Plan and Strategy (as quoted)

  • Complete industry and market research and analysis

  • Outline of barriers to entry

  • Sales force acquisition recommendations

  • Marketing strategy and plan

  • Mode of entry recommendation

  • Exploration of potential partners and/or joint ventures

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Business Coaching ($1,000.00/month)

  • Weekly 30-minute meetings

  • Assess strengths and weaknesses

  • Full marketing and sales strategy audit

  • Strategic plan development

  • Six-month or ongoing program

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