Branding and Brand Management

Your brand is the first thing your audience will notice and the last thing they will remember long after a transaction. A brand is more than just a logo; it's a personification of your organization, what it stands for, and the value you provide your clients. brandivate works collaboratively with each client to fully understand the desired emotions their brand should elicit from their target audience to move them to action.  

brandiviate branding puzzle piece
  • Comprehensive Brand Strategy

    • Development of ideal client attributes

    • Understanding the purpose behind your brand

      • What differentiates the company​?

      • What problem does the company solve?

    • Understanding the competitive landscape

    • Determination of the brand's target audience

    • Establishment of a brand mission statement

    • Formation of the brand voice

  • Brand Story

  • Brand Messaging

  • Logo and Tagline Creation

    • Delivered in .jpg, .png, and .eps formats

  • Complete Brand Integration 

    • Across all platforms​ and audiences

    • Packaging

    • Content