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March 2021

March 26, 2021

Image 2021-03-25 17_15_48.84.PNG

Are Strawberry Fields really forever? Well, we think so especially when we drink this passion poison from our good friends down the road in Shiner, TX! They have somehow taken a luscious and seed doused fruit and given it a whole new purpose...a boozy purpose! This Shiner Strawberry Blonde has you stunned and wanting more. Go ahead and try it. Thank us later.

How are you biting your way into a fruitful weekend? #bbotw

Strawberry Blonde

March 19, 2021

Image 2021-03-19 10_46_55.31.JPG

Chocolate Stout

It’s (finally) the first Friday of March Madness and you know we are enjoying the brandivate beverage of the week! As we watch 13 seeds destroy the dancing dreams of unsuspecting 4 seeds we are enjoying a the traditional libation in a beer. However, this isn’t just any beer nor is it just being consumed from just your average vessel. We are choosing to elevate our basketball viewing experience by imbibing in the fabulous Chocolate & Sea Salt Imperial Stout from Westbrook Brewing in South Carolina, but more on that in a bit – let’s talk about that glass for a moment.


Sure, you can quaff your brew from a bottle, a solo cup, or even a can. However, when you want to really ENJOY your beer, you drink it from the 16oz. Lewisburg Lager (#550S2) from our friends at J.Charles. With a subtle yet bold deep etch, this European-style beer glass is designed for capturing the color, taste, and aroma that a fine brew brings. From the moment you pour your favorite wheat, bock, ale, or, in this case, stout, you realize you have a slam dunk in your hands whether you’re watching inside or outside by the fire.


As for the beverage, it goes all in on the chocolate and sea salt that packs a 9.5% ABV punch. There are additional notes of molasses and vanilla that pair perfectly with the liquid cocoa and smooth salinity which makes this a dangerous brew if you have more than one per game.


How are you dunking into the weekend? #bbotw

March 12, 2021


As we start to wind down winter we felt it was appropriate to do a classic warm cocktail. The greatness that is a Baileys Irish Cream and coffee!

Pretty simple recipe folks - brew your favorite coffee and replace your creamer with a big ole splash of Baileys. Sip, sip, enjoy!

How are you heating up for the weekend? #bbotw

Baileys & Coffee

March 5, 2021

whistle pig.jpg

18-Year Double Malt Rye

It’s the first Friday of March and time for the brandivate beverage of the week! While most weeks we highlight lovely libations, this week’s selection is much more than a mere drink – it’s an experience – for we are reveling in the 18-Year Double Malt Rye from Whistle Pig. This genuinely stunning whiskey was sent to us at brandivate last week by our fabulous friend, Bob Earl from Bob Earl Team, and we are still blown away by his generosity.


As devotees of the beauty of rye whiskey, we know each sip of this sublime should be savored – and savor we will. The nose is sweet and aromatic with notes of toasted oak, berries, and a hint of nutmeg. Both elegant and spicy, the taste is mildly fruity and pleasantly floral with hints of vanilla and oak. The finish is deliciously long, clean, and spicy. Truly an experience to be enjoyed with good conversations with better friends.


How are you sipping into the weekend? #bbotw

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