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Sales & Marketing Turducken

Like a well-prepared turkey, the simplest of sales and marketing principles are usually more than enough

This is the time of year when turducken makes an annual, and generally unwelcome, appearance on dinner plates across our great nation. For those who are unfamiliar with turducken, it’s a deboned chicken – usually rolled with andouille or another savory sausage – that’s stuffed in a duck, which is then, ultimately, stuffed in a turkey. It’s an orgy of meat that has no purpose other than add unnecessary flash to an otherwise classic holiday dish.

For the record, I’ve had turducken, and it’s not as horrible as it may seem. The real issue I have is that the extra meat – the chicken, the andouille sausage, and the duck – takes away from the simple beauty of a well prepared (and, hopefully smoked) turkey. The additional meat doesn’t enhance the turkey. For the most part, any turkey flavor is lost among the various foodstuffs of the turducken. In other words, the primary vehicle for the dish – the turkey – is rendered meaningless by all the different meats.

Like a well-prepared turkey, the simplest of sales and marketing principles are usually more than enough:

  • hard work

  • hustle

  • integrity

  • transparency

  • storytelling

  • a sincere desire to help clients

Those attributes don’t need to be dolled up to be effective or noticed. In fact, I would argue that any attempt to dress them up will be viewed as disingenuous, causing them to be far less effective as their meaning gets lost in unnecessary sizzle. In other words, the clients you want to work with will notice and appreciate the attributes listed above.

Forget trying to convince potential clients with tricked-up, “turducken-style” flash and sizzle – the vast majority of them are savvy enough to see right through it. Instead, offer them the honest you through all of your marketing and sales efforts. In the long run, being the real you is a much more memorable, palatable, and effective dish that your clients will eagerly consume.

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