brandivate ignites and accelerates the growth of our clients through market innovation, tireless motivation, and the continual pursuit to elevate all aspects of their business. 


To empower every client to achieve their dreams and reach their business goals. 


Although they might be simple, we cherish our values and use them as a guiding force in all we do.

  • Kindness and care always rules the day

  • Trust is built through intentional actions and honest relationships

  • Through our words, actions, work, and results - we are always accountable

  • There's never a wrong time to do the right thing

  • Be unabashedly curious

  • Create boldly and without fear

  • We take our work seriously, but never ourselves


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Bill Petrie

Managing Partner

With over 22 years working in executive leadership positions in the promotional products industry, Bill is well poised to work with small and medium-sized suppliers and distributors who are seeking to grow their businesses responsibly. 

A featured speaker at the PPAI Expo and Past President of the RAC (Regional Association Council) Board, Bill has extensive real-world practice coaching sales teams, creating successful marketing campaigns, executing content marketing strategies, developing industry-leading education, and implementing marketing and sales plans that generate immediate and positive results for brandivate clients.

In his off-hours, Bill likes to spend time in his back yard (affectionately referred to as "the Back 40") smoking all manner of food. He also enjoys cooking, creating craft cocktails, music, and spending time with his wife, Sandy, their red tick coonhound, Shelby. He even enjoys hanging with his 19-year-old twin college boys, Drew and Mitch, when they come home for food and laundry. 

If you're interested in having Bill speak at your event, please click here

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(Chief Sleeping Officer)

While a relative newcomer to brandivate, Shelby has already made an impression as big as her bark. She has a knack for chewing on both creative ideas and random furniture.

Unlike Louise, Shelby knows the exact right time to slow things down to ensure all brandivate associates are well-rested. You can usually find her on a couch or anywhere the sun is shining.


When not sleeping, Shelby channels her true coonhound self and loves to howl, chase "varmints" on the Back 40, and play with anyone who will give her attention. 

Kelsey Cunningham

Managing Partner

Kelsey brings over 16 years of creative marketing and creative experience to brandivate. One could say she grew up in the promotional products industry as her family owns a successful distributorship in the Houston area.

Having worked in leading distributorships, suppliers, and service providers, Kelsey has a complete understanding of every aspect of the industry which allows her to develop targeted campaigns that move an audience to action. 

Kelsey works collaboratively with brandivate clients to ensure their messaging stands out in an increasingly crowded marketplace. With extensive experience in branding, marketing strategy, logo design, and digital advertising, Kelsey is poised to help each client not just expand their reach, but capitalize on it. 

When not working, Kelsey enjoys cooking, music, laughing, hanging out at the lake, golf, traveling, and spending time with her husband, Aaron, and their 5-year-old bulldog, Louise. 

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Super Louise.png


(Chief Music Officer)

Louise brings over 3 years of experience to brandivate and fully understands when a distraction is needed to help foster the creative process. 


Louise keeps the energy at brandivate at a very high level and also doubles as head of security for the company. In other words, she may look sweet but you really don't want to get on her bad side.


When not playing tug-of-war or spending time with her family, Louise also has a love of music with her favorite bands being Winery Dogs, Skinny Puppy, Snoop Dogg, The Bloodhound Gang, and Three Dog Night.

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